Yesterday, Neil Patel shared 7 tips for getting results from your content marketing. One in particular jumped out at me:

2. You’re not publishing enough

When it comes to uploading content, quality beats quantity any day.

However, if you’re just posting once a month, you’re going to struggle to grab any real attention.

Consistency is key to building trust and credibility both with your audience and with search engines.


However, it’s easier said than done.

If you’re stuffing your website with low-quality information that your audience doesn’t care about, it doesn’t matter how frequently you post.

In fact, The Writing Cooperative found that blogging every day actually decreased their views compared to when they were posting just six times a month.


The problem here is that they couldn’t continue to create high-quality content each and every day – and their readers noticed.

The key to getting attention through your content is finding the right balance between quality and quantity.

A few years back, I spent over a year blogging 5 times a week. Once I got started, my traffic immediately went way up, and stayed up the whole time. Two things I discovered that helped me keep quality up were:

  1. If you produce content consistently, it gets easier to come up with good ideas, because your mindset shifts, and you start discovering good ideas in everyday life.
  2. For those days when life isn't spoon feeding you great content ideas, "Blog Riffing" pretty much guarantees that you'll find something worth saying. And it also helps you build industry connections, gives you an SEO boost, and more.

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