Anthony Gaenzle wrote:

30-second summary:

  • The fact alone that the search engine giant has deemed site speed important should be enough for you to make it a priority.
  • As your page load speed increases second-by-second, the bounce rate also increases a lot.
  • It’s challenging enough to craft a call-to-action that convinces your site visitors to buy your product or services without adding any additional hurdles.
  • Sprinkle in a bit of slow page load time, and you could be missing out on a ton of revenue.
  • A walk through how to identify your site speed issues and fix them.

To what Anthony wrote, I would add that one of the biggest causes I see of site slowdowns is using heavy WordPress themes on a hosting provider that isn't beefy enough to handle them. And in my experience, most, if not all, low cost hosting providers can't handle them. If you're using WordPress, I'd recommend checking the difference in load time between whatever theme you're using and one of the built-in themes. If the difference isn't under 1 second, you might want to seriously consider transitioning to a lighter weight theme.